Our full range of services includes: 

  • Rental & Sales of LED Screens for indoor/outdoor usage
  • Installation and onsite support for various types of LED Screens
  • Visual effects and media operator
  • Various Audio visual services and conference facilities
  • Technical and full time onsite support services

The modular design of our panels provide flexibility in screen sizes. We provide setup and dismantle service in the rental package and ensure a completely convenient and trouble free customer experience. 

Our vast growing pool of inventory includes LED Screens P3.91(Indoor/Curve), P4.81 (Outdoor), P2.5 (Indoor), P6(Indoor/Floor). 

The benefits of using our LED panels include:

  • LED display panel provides adjustable and higher brightness output as compared to a projector
  • Natural color blending, great viewing quality even under bright day light 
  • High resolution (pixel/square meter) 
  • Can create dynamic visual effects using media software
  • Modular design allow customized screen size and installation in many different ways
  • Multi-screen mapping effect
  • Can be installed on moving track or fly bar
  • Outdoor P4.81 panels are weather proof